Film Festivals and the Social Web [WORKSHOP-VIDEO]

A few weeks ago I was invited to the 16th International Short Film Festival Winterthur, doing a workshop on „The film festival as multi-/transmedia project„. I promised to post some links that I mentioned or which I think might be useful in terms of using Social Media as a film festival. Also I present you the full video of the workshop including the introductional Skype-session with Raindance Festival founder Elliot Grove.

Elliot gave us some really useful and important insights on how the use Facebook, Twitter and other channels to build a community, crowdsource content and promote their festival and filmmakers. One of his conclusions, to which I fully agree: YOU NEED TO HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED IN SOCIAL MEDIA 🙂
So, I would really like to connect with you on Twitter! Follow me here: @gumpelmaier – I apologize that this is only a short list, but here are some links…
Some festivals you need to follow on Twitter:
Some festivals you need to follow on Twitter:
Nice initiatives:
 Film Festivals and Crowdfunding:
Tools, platforms, networks:
  Some useful articles, discussions, slides:
  • Start with people who share your interests (family, friends, colleagues)
  • Learn (from) Social Media
  • Learn from others
  • Plan your communication
  • Start small, then grow your activites
  • Don‘t expect too much
  • Be active
  • Be creative
  • Be authentic
  • Monitor your activities
  • Stay up to date
  • Show your expertise
  • Incorporate into daily routine
Here’s the video, I hope you enjoy it:

Freitag, 9.11.2012
Veranstaltungsort: Alte Kaserne Winterthur

Filmfestival als multimedia Projekt
Mit: Elliot Grove (CA) Produzent und Gründer des Raindance Film Festival und Wolfgang Gumpelmaier (AT), New Media Consultant
Moderation: Simon Koenig, SWISS FILMS

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