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A few weeks ago Austrian cameraman Nino Leitner posted about his visit at Movidiam on his Facebook profile. I checked the link to this website and was convinced. Nino passed me the email-address of George Olver, co-founder of this London based kind of filmmakers network. George replied quickly and answered me some questions about his platform. Here’s the full interview:

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Wolfgang: You are one of the founders of Movidiam. Please tell us the idea behind this online platform.

George: Yes. I am one of the co-founders of Movidiam. At its core Movidiam is a creative network where filmmakers can raise their profile and visibility to the world who are seeking their expertise. Movidiam also works to streamline the production process from concept to completion by saving time and driving efficiency.

Alex Vero co-founder and I have had 20 combine years, creating films for brand, agencies and businesses. We’ve looked at the pain points that we’ve face with our own film production agency and applied this to Movidiam.

The world is hyper connected yet solutions for commercial filmmakers remain limited. At Movidiam our technology seeks to showcase outstanding talent, presenting opportunity for them to work for business brand and agencies whom have a growing demand to produce engaging films for multiple social media channels.

As a professional creative network we are excited about the collaborative potential Movidiam will offer the global filmmaking community and how we can build and present opportunity to the network as it grows.

Wolfgang: So how do typical Movidiam users look like? What are they looking for?

George: Movidiam users are officially defined into 3 groups; filmmakers, agencies and brands. In general terms each group are looking for a variety of different things from Movidiam.

Filmmakers: ranging from directors to make-up artists. Typical user: New York based Director of Photography, 10 years experience shooting commercials looking to expand network of agencies, collaborate with other filmmakers and find a secure way to get paid in full and on time.

Agencies: ranging from production companies to advertising agencies. Typical user: Paris based production company, creating commercials for blue chip brands, looking for new filmmakers and animators to collaborate with and a more efficient way to streamline the production process and reduce overheads.

Brands: ranging from small boutique brands to multinationals. Typical user: Hands on London based digital marketeer with a brief to create a lot of quality content across the organisation and potentially across the world. Looking for new, innovative and specialist agencies or filmmakers to work with.

Wolfgang: Can anyone join? How does it work?

George: Movidiam is a professional filmmaking network. We are currently building a network of super talented individuals, production companies and agencies allowing them to connect and collaborate on productions.  The team capabilities of Movidiam enables you to invite others from within your existing networks to seamlessly create films in a new connected way.

The site is now invite only but once the site has transitioned from Beta we encourage anyone seeking a professional role within the industry to register and build a rich profile on Movidiam allowing them to expand their network, learn from others and efficiently manage their productions.

Today, brands, businesses and agencies need quality productions to support the constant demands from their ‚always on‘ customers and social media channels.  Movidiam offers these groups different opportunities based on their requirements ranging from finding expertise to managing projects from concept to completion.

A users profile will give others an indication of your skills and expertise. The more great work, blogs and videos you share the more visible your profile becomes to those searching on the network. We’ve been very inspired by the talent that has pre-registered to use the service. Naturally, we want Movidiam to be an inspiring destination for talent to collide with opportunity.

Wolfgang: What tools do you offer your customers on your platform?

George: Our  tools are streamlined for filmmakers. We have a range of social media side to the site and a project management side of the site. The project management includes.

  • Call sheets to arrange shoot time and information
  • Revisions to review file formats
  • Calendars both personal and project calendars
  • Team views to build visibility of your creative network and team
  • Timelines to organise a project correctly
  • Each user has blogs, profile and several other social media elements

Wolfgang: Could your service also be used – for example – finding someone for shooting a crowdfunding video?

George:  I think there are going to be many portals popping up all over the place that deal with niche areas of expertise. People who are looking at the way they operate and realising that with the use of now omnipresent technologies you can organise in a different way a more efficient ways.

Wolfgang: Do you think such professional (social) networks will replace Facebook (and others) or complement such services in the future?

George: Facebook has been a fantastic platform for demonstrating what is possible and bringing about the behavioural change regarding social media.  It has taught many people how social media works. I think when businesses fully embrace the social potential it can be really very useful to to the business community and drawing efficiency. People have their FB experience to understand how these ’new‘ business tools work almost straight away.

Yes, Movidiam could indeed be used to develop a relationship with a filmmaker through his/her work and commission through the system. We are planning for any level of filmmaker to use the system to profile their expertise and indeed be approached for work.

Wolfgang: Sounds great, please keep us updated! Thank you for the interview!


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