Never miss your shoot again – Smartphone app Studio Binder offers a new callsheet app.

Mobile is crucial, especially on the set, says „Studio Binder„, a new app that will launch soon. It doesn’t aim to revolutionize film biz, but at least make it a bit easier. I asked Shant Kiraz, founder of Studio Binder, a few question why filmmakers and crew should use his web app and how it works. Here’s what he told me:

Studio Binder

Wolfgang: Studio Binder is a web app especially for filmmakers and photographers. How does it work?

Shant: Studio Binder is a web application that helps producers and filmmakers send personalized call times via email and SMS, and track when they’re confirmed. In a nutshell, you sign-up, create your first project and invite your team. Once your team has filled out their profiles, you’re ready to send call times directly to their phone via SMS or email. Here’s a video walkthrough:

Wolfgang: What features do you offer filmmakers?

Shant: We offer filmmakers a way to send call times to their crew via SMS or email and the ability to track all confirmations within our application. Tracking confirmations is crucial when producing a film project, because you’re never sure whether someone got the email!  Now you’ll be able to see exactly who confirmed. You’ll also have the ability to store all your film projects, cast and crew profiles,  all in one place. No more hunting down tens of documents to find one piece of information.

Wolfgang: How can directors and staff communicate with each other?

Shant: Currently, the standard in filmmaking if they prep using email/phone/text. However, our application isn’t a communication tool. It’s mainly allows you to compile your cast and crew details into a database which then you can notify them about call times.

Wolfgang: Will web and mobile apps replace traditional call sheets on the set in the near future?

Shant: As for moving away from traditional call sheets, it’s early to say but there are trends that are moving in that direction. Our goal is to change the way people look at call sheets and make them tailored for each cast and crew member in a simple way. Not sure if they will replace them in the super near future because the same group doesn’t regularly work together it’s challenging to get everyone to get out of old habits. Also due to remote areas and spotty signals this might be difficult. But technology is moving rapidly so it could happen sooner than later 🙂

Wolfgang: Thank you very much!

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